Online Shopping Sites for Hijab

Case Study: Online Shopping Sites for Hijab

Online Shopping Sites for Hijabs


An e-commerce website specializing in hijabs sought to improve its online presence and increase sales. The client recognized the potential of the hijab market but faced intense competition. They approached our SEO agency for a solution.


High Competition

High Competition

The hijab market is competitive, with established brands dominating search results.

Low Online Visibility

Low Online Visibility

The client’s website struggled to rank for relevant keywords.

Limited Organic Traffic

Limited Organic Traffic

Low organic traffic resulted in fewer conversions.



More than 85% visibility on 1st page in Google UK. More than 80% visibility in top 3 organic rankings.

My Approach

Comprehensive Keyword Research

I conducted thorough keyword research, identifying high-traffic and relevant keywords, including long-tail keywords specific to hijab styles, materials, and trends.

On-Page Optimization

I optimized product descriptions, meta tags, and headings to align with targeted keywords, improving search engine visibility.

Content Strategy

I implemented a content strategy that included blog posts on hijab styling, care, and tutorials. This enriched the site's value and attracted a wider audience.

Link Building

I built high-quality backlinks from fashion and lifestyle websites, enhancing the website's authority.

Mobile Optimization

I ensured the website was mobile-friendly, crucial for reaching users who shop on mobile devices.


Increased Visibility

The website's search engine visibility significantly improved, ranking for competitive hijab-related keywords.

Boosted Organic Traffic

Organic traffic increased by 45% within six months and increased 85% by 1 year, leading to more potential customers exploring the site.

Higher Conversions

With better visibility and targeted traffic, the website experienced a 40% increase in conversions.

Brand Authority

The client's brand authority in the hijab industry strengthened, enhancing trust among visitors.


My SEO efforts propelled the hijab e-commerce website from obscurity to prominence in the search results. By targeting the right keywords, optimizing content, and building backlinks, the website achieved higher rankings, increased traffic, and ultimately enjoyed significant business growth.

Online Shopping Sites for Hijabs
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