Hi, I am Iftekhar Ahmed. I am SEO expert, strategist and consultant. Since 1st January 2005 I am working successfully with my clients by giving them organic searched appearance and paid marketing benefits for their online businesses.

My success has always been measured with my achievements. The top 3 and top 5 rankings that I gave to my clients has put them to a higher level and remarkable online business. My paid marketing skills have given them great online business and with a wonderful level of ROI, and they have made a great fortune. This is because I am well familiar for reducing the CPC cost and this results in giving my clients more! from the online paid marketing.

I am well familiar with development technologies including HTML 5, CSS 3, BOOTSTRAP 3 & 4, WORDPRESS & SHOPIFY.

SEO Expert and PPC Expert

The main person who guides you to get the high ranking in the major search engines, and to attract possible huge visitors. This process is associated with many different ways, such as optimization on the page and outside the page, writing and posting articles in article directories, commenting on blogs, etc. Blogs and forums play a rather important role in obtaining results, making relevant comments on the forums. and blogs with high page rank because you can leave your link to them to trigger backlinks. Your website can be managed in such a way to save your precious money and countless hours. Marketing expert can help you avoid costly mistakes that can cause your site to fall in page rank and save your business expenses.

Thus, you will have more time to do your job professionally, which means greater efficiency and profits with your full focus. You should avoid those people who offer you quick results, because with their procedure you may get results quickly, but only for a short period of time, and these results will not last for long. Instead, you should focus on finding marketing professional who are already ranking on top with searched keywords.

Online marketing wins with a great deal of challenges and hurdles that make the online marketing successful. Typically, online marketers are responsible for ranking in search engines, because they know the true methods and ways to raise your website in the first place. An internet marketing expert can help you with several ways to boost up your rankings, and they improve the visibility of your site, which generates a good online business. An internet marketing expert can help you with his wonderful skills that can put your site in the first place. Trying to find the right SEO expert, which can be easily done by searching through the web, if a person can himself, he/she can definitely put you on top against your searched queries. When you are looking for online services, you must repeatedly indicate the services that you need. Receiving a quote can be done by email or even by phone, depending on the company you want to use for the service. And you should be contacted back with their official numbers or email ids.

PPC stands for pay per click, which is the standard advertising campaign, known for its recognized and professional approach to expose services. To create a brand name online, companies are now required to hire an internet marketing expert for guaranteed services. The important contribution of internet marketing experts is to provide a direct link to their page which should already ranking on top position with its certain keywords.

Conversion Expert

Do you know your rate? The conversion rate is the number of visitors to your site who take appropriate action against the total number of visitors in a particular period or time. Studies have shown that 60% of websites don’t know their conversion rates. What do you take into account when making changes to the design of your site? What do you do when you have lots of visitors, but very few of them perform the desired action? What you want to do with your visitors? What are they going to do? What is the next step for your visitor when they reached a landing page?

SEO Strategist and PPC Strategist

In modern technologies, services for a strategist are becoming a useful process. Strategist is a person who creates an architectural structure for a website that processes it so that it survives in the context of internet marketing. A marketing strategist works behind the site’s success screen to attract a large number of visitors to generate conversions.

If you are familiar with any online marketing expert, then you will definitely hire him for your online business. There are many new companies that are interested in distributing their products and services on the Internet, but only few of them have the experience for creating a successful online business strategy with Internet marketing concepts that could help you expand your online business. Iftekhar Ahmed is a person who creates strategies for several websites and helps business owners to maximize their online business exposure.

During current time people are educating themselves and learn a lot about the marketing techniques. The competition for regional keywords becomes so difficult. Now People are focusing themselves on regional keywords to target the necessary regional traffic which require lots of hard work, research and endless efforts.

SEO Consultant and PPC Consultant

Customer who have websites and would like to take a favourable position in the major search engines i.e. Google, Bing, Baidu & Yahoo should consult an expert who can put their services to the top most position against their relevant search queries. It can be done by optimize your website according to the search engine PROs and CONs (including other required procedures).

A marketing expert is someone who is responsible for identifying the right keywords and phrases that will match the search pattern of your target audience. After choosing the right keywords for your site, the next step is to create web content or articles that will be posted on your site. This method is called organic or natural marketing of your site. A good internet marketing consultant is someone who can give you all the strategies you need to decide on the most suitable strategy for your website.

Web marketing expert enables your business to get the benefits of outsourcing. An internet marketing expert can help and advise you on your exact requirements in order to develop strategies to address them. To increase sales, an internet marketing expert can develop or re-develop search engine friendly website designs to improve page optimization and improve the position of a site in search engines.

Marketing specialist is someone who has a deep understanding and knowledge about the implementation of the various search engines and is able to use this knowledge to your advantage. How marketing strategist would do it? that they can use their experience and knowledge to get your website in the top most posts to various targeted keywords through various methods? An expert specialist should have repute or a good amount of familiarity in optimizing web sites successfully. Always make it a point to ask for customer references and check out their portfolio.